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Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing

Edited by:Brian(郑斌)Release Time:2019/06/19

The Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing is industrial-need oriented and concentrates on cultivating students’ practical skills. It is set up in the context of China’s upgrading of the manufacturing sector and to develop students' strong competitiveness and innovative application abilities. It is committed to developing highly skilled engineering and technical talents in system design, equipment development, technology improvement and operation management.



The design diagram of Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing [Photo/Infrastructure Construction Office]


The College is to offer four-year undergraduate programs of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Optical Information and Engineering, and Measuring and Control Technology and Equipment. The four-year courses will include common modules, compulsory subject modules as well as optional subject modules, devoting one third of the hours in work placement. The courses will work with the local key players in advanced manufacturing, which aims to develop students’ ability to tackle real-life issues and their innovation and entrepreneurship through university-industry collaboration and industry-education integration.


Building on the success of universities of applied sciences from Germany, the College focuses on international operation and industry collaborations. To date, the College has signed agreements on joint talent development with Germany’s Aalen University, Munich University of Applied Sciences, and OTH Regensburg. In the meantime, it has been working closely with Hans Laser, Foxcom, BYD and Shenzhen Promotion Association for Future Enterprises in order to make its students keep in step with the latest technological developments from the industry.