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College of Health Science and Environmental Engineering

Edited by:Brian(郑斌)Release Time:2019/06/19

In accordance with the government’s Development Plan for Life and Health Science Sector 2013-2020, the College of Health Science and Environmental Engineering was designed to tackle the key health and life science issues of the mankind, and is committed to developing highly skilled talents in health and life science technologies and to translating the research on medical device technologies into manufacturing. The college will also engage in collaborative innovation in talents, technologies and organizational infrastructure through a range of cooperation with prestigious technological universities in Germany, Sweden and beyond. Facing the challenges and trends of health science and human environment, the college aims to create an interdisciplinary technological platform to enable development in leaps and bounds from a high starting point.



The design diagram of College of Health Science and Environmental Engineering [Photo/Infrastructure Construction Office]


The college offers programs of biological material engineering, intelligent medical apparatus, early diagnosis of cancer, and environment monitoring and governance, emphasizing students’ hands-on abilities to research into new medical diagnostic approaches and treatments, as well as new medical equipment and devices and their quality inspection, quality assurance and clinical training. By working with the industry on joint labs and training bases, the college is building up a curriculum integrating scientific research and manufacturing in order to promote students’ transformation from knowledge-based to technology-based talents and make them be fit for the job market.