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College of Creative Design

Edited by:Brian(郑斌)Release Time:2019/06/19

The College of Creative Design has aligned itself with the vibe of Shenzhen’s economic and social development and the industry demands of the city’s two pillar sectors, namely, art and design sector and culture and creative sector. The college offers courses in programs of Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Jewelry Design, Digital Media Art, Interactive Design and Product Design, aiming to develop highly skilled and innovative talents of design. They are expected to play an important role in the creative industry at the frontline in the future. It plans to enroll 1,800 undergraduate students, 200 postgraduates and 200 international students by the end of 2022.


The design diagram of College of Creative Design [Photo/Infrastructure Construction Office]


The college is committed to developing highly skilled creative and design talents in applied sciences. It pays attention to students’ participation in the internship program, introduces workshop mode and sets up flexible and diverse teaching methods. Moreover, the practice system and project guidance to realize the elite training mode will be establish. Students will communicate easily to teachers and the college will fully develop students' autonomy and creativity. Also, an experimental and practical training center will be built for integrating universities and enterprises based on the real technology and process of production in order to form new technical skills training system and practice environment.