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A letter to SZTU students: stay positive and fight the virus together

Edited by:Release Time:2020/02/05

The recent COVID-19 epidemic is a matter of considerable public concern. We hope that your family is keeping safe and healthy. The opening of the 2020 spring semester of Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) is postponed to guarantee your safety. The exact reopening date will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

It is natural to feel anxious and worried amid the ongoing epidemic. Let’s stay confident and courageous to fight the virus together. We hope you are doing well if you are in Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak, or other severely coronavirus-stricken areas. Under the leadership of the central government, party committees and governments at all levels are sparing no effort to contain the spread of the virus. We are confident in winning the battle against the coronavirus.


All students should join in our mass preventive and control efforts. You are NOT allowed to return to SZTU in advance. DO NOT come back to Shenzhen for students and staff members who are still in Hubei Province and other infected areas. Please avoid crowded places and gatherings. Please wear a face mask correctly if you have to go outdoors. Keep good personal hygiene by washing your hands often, carrying out disinfection measures and keeping rooms well ventilated. Go to hospital as soon as possible if you have developed suspected symptoms including fever, fatigue, cough and chest oppression. Please timely report your health condition to SZTU and keep in touch with the teachers for further arrangements.


We believe that you can fully understand the school’s decision on prolonging the winter holiday. Amid the uphill battle against the coronavirus, medical workers, PLA soldiers, builders and many other unknown heroes are working on the frontline. Since it’s probably your first time through such kind of outbreak, what can you do as a college student except for protecting yourself? We hope you can learn and share scientific knowledge about epidemic prevention and treatment. DO NOT believe and spread information from unofficial sources. Your joint efforts count for much during the fight.


Meanwhile, please stay positive, study hard and work diligently. In trying times, SZTU students will certainly have stronger motivation for learning, better pass on craftsmanship and make a difference to scientific research in the future.


Shenzhen Technology University

February 4, 2020



Drafted by Daisy(姚琦)

Edited by Brian(郑斌)