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Application Procedure

Edited by:Release Time:2020/06/24

Step 1 - Nomination & Application


1. A completed Nomination From (please download from Appendix 1) of applicant should be email to: (cc to ) together with  following supporting documents before the deadline (May 15 / Nov 15)

  • Personal Information Form (Appendix 4)

  • Official Transcript of Record

  • Copy of personal details page of passport

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Academic Reference Letter

  • ID Photo (2 Inch, not less than 320 * 240 pixels, aspect ratio 4: 3, 100-500KB, JPG)

2. No nominations will be accepted outside of the nomination period.


Step 2 - Acceptance

SZTU will send out Admission Notice & JW202 Form (in original) to successful applicant within 8 weeks after receiving all supporting documents.


Step 3 - Visa and Residence Permit

Visa Application

Incoming international students must hold a valid "X" visa (student visa) before entering mainland China (the PRC).


1. X1 visa holder is permitted to study in the PRC for more than 180 days;

2. X2 visa holders is permitted to study in the PRC for less than 180 days.

Applicants could submit applications to Chinese Embassies, Consulates-General, or China Visa Application Centers online at


Residence Permit

1. X1 visa holders must apply for Residence Permit within 30 days after entering mainland China, otherwise their stay constitutes an illegal residence;

2. X2 visa holders do not need to apply for Residence Permit and are only allowed for a single entry in mainland China.

3. Detailed information about applying for Residence Permit will be provided by the International Cooperation and Student Affairs Office of SZTU after student arrival.


Important Notice

1. The "X" visa is valid for single entry only. After entering mainland China, X Visa holders could not exit and re-enter mainland China;

2. X1 visa holders could exit and re-enter mainland China only after they are granted with a valid Residence Permit;

3. All international students must register at local police station within 24 hours after entering mainland China;

4. Students are not permitted to work based on the X type visa.

5. Students should pay attention to Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China before entering. (especially Article 33 & Article 39)


Step 4 - Enrollment  

1. International students could start to enroll only when they are granted with an Admission Notice or Invitation Letter;

2. Tuition fees are subject to specific agreement made between SZTU and the partner university.

3. Registration fees for international student is €50.


Step 5 - Transportation to SZTU campus

There are various public transportation options to travel to SZTU:

From Shenzhen Baoan Airport:

1. Take Airport Express Shuttle Bus 330 from Airport to Pingshan City Terminal, then take bus m195 to the campus;

2. Take subway line 11 to Futian station and then change to line 3, get off at Shuanglong station, take bus m195 to the campus;

3. Take subway line 11, change to line 5 at Qianhaiwan station, get off at Shenzhenbei (Shenzhen North) railway station, take any high speed rail to Shenzhen Pingshan, after arriving at Shenzhen Pingshan station, and then take bus m440 to SZTU;

4. It may take two hours to the campus by taxi. From Hong Kong Airport:  Take ferry to Shekou port, then take subway line 2, change at Futian station to line 3, then to Shuanglong station, take bus m195 to SZTU.


Step 6 - Accommodation

1.All international students must reside in the campus;  

2. Students could apply for either a single room or a double room arranged by the International Cooperation and Student Affairs Office;

3. Detailed information of accommodation, please see Appendix 3; 

4. Room availability is subject to change.