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SZTU Public Teaching Building officially put into use

Edited by:Emily(文佩玲)Release Time:2019/09/18

SZTU Public Teaching Building in the permanent campus has been officially open. Currently, 50 classrooms have been put into use, including regular classrooms equipped with 50 or 80 seats, 5 amphitheater classrooms in different size with 100 seats, 200 seats and 300 seats. A small number of smart classrooms have also been in service.

SZTU Public Teaching Building [Photo by SZTU Publicity Office]


Design of SZTU Public Teaching Building [Photo by SZTU Publicity Office]


The construction of SZTU Public Teaching Building began in May 2018, and it was roofed on January 24, 2019. It was not until in August 2019 that the Public Teaching Building was open for use. With reflection glass curtain wall and aluminum alloy plates as the main materials, the facade of the building is simple and clear.


The Public Teaching Building mainly includes facilities such as regular classrooms, computer-equipped classrooms, audio classrooms, classrooms with multimedia recording and broadcasting systems, simultaneous interpreting booth, self-study rooms, and rooms for innovative practices, which can meet the needs of 19,000 students.


An amphitheater classroom with 300 seats. [Photo by SZTU Publicity Office]


A multimedia classroom [Photo by SZTU Publicity Office]


The library [Photo by SZTU Publicity Office]


Through a combination of open space, large steps and courtyard space, the spaces between the first and second floor create a flexible and versatile facade space effect. In addition, the multi-dimensional open space system can meet the needs of basic teaching, and provide a platform for mutual communication among SZTU teachers and students.


The courtyard space at the first floor [Photo by SZTU Publicity Office]