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2024 SZTU Admission Brochure of Bachelor Programs for International Students

Edited by:郑斌Release Time:2024/05/11

一、招生专业 Programs

(一)中文授课专业 Programs Taught in Chinese

1. 中德智能制造学院 Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing

机械设计制造及其自动化 Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

自动化 Automation

电子科学与技术 Electronics Science and Technology

机器人工程 Robot Engineering

2. 大数据与互联网学院 College of Big Data and Internet

物联网工程 Internet of Things Engineering

计算机科学与技术 Computer Science and Technology

数据科学与大数据技术 Data Science and Big Data Technology

3. 新材料与新能源学院 College of New Materials and New Energies

光源与照明 Light Source and Illumination

新能源科学与工程 Renewable Energy Science and Engineering

材料科学与工程 Materials Science and Engineering

4. 城市交通与物流学院 College of Urban Transportation and Logistics

交通运输 Transportation

汽车服务工程 Automotive Service Engineering

车辆工程 Vehicle Engineering

物流管理 Logistics Management

5. 健康与环境工程学院 College of Health Science and Environmental Engineering

生物医学工程 Biomedical Engineering

智能医学工程 Intelligent Medical Engineering

6. 工程物理学院 College of Engineering Physics

应用物理学 Applied Physics

光电信息科学与工程 Optoelectronic Information Sciences and Engineering

智能感知工程 Intelligent Perception Engineering

7. 药学院 College of Pharmacy

药学 Pharmacy

中药学 Chinese Materia Medica

生物制药 Biopharmaceutics

口腔医学技术 Stomatology Technology

8. 集成电路与光电芯片学院 College of Integrated Circuits and Optoelectronic Chips

微电子科学与工程 Microelectronic Science and Engineering

集成电路设计与集成系统 Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated System

9. 创意设计学院 School of Design and Innovation

工业设计 Industrial Design

环境设计 Environmental Design

艺术与科技 Arts and Science and Technology

新媒体艺术 New Media Art

10. 外国语学院 School of Foreign Languages

英语 English

商务英语 Business English

德语 German

11. 音乐学院 School of Music

音乐表演 Music Performance

(二)英文授课专业 Programs Taught in English

1. 商学院 Business School

国际商务 International Business

财务管理 Financial Management

市场营销 Marketing

二、学习方式和学习年限 Type and Duration of the Programs

1. 学习方式为全日制

Type of the programs: full-time

2. 学习年限一般为4年,最长不超过8

Duration of the programs: 4 years (8 years maximum)


三、申请资格 Qualifications

1. 申请人须是非中国国籍公民,持有效外国护照,身体健康,品行端正,遵守中国法律、法规和学校的规章制度。

Applicants must be citizens with a valid foreign passport (whose nationalities are not the People’s Republic of China). Applicants shall be in good health conditions and of good conduct. Applicants shall comply with the Chinese laws, regulations and the relevant rules of SZTU.

2. 高中毕业及以上学历(申请时未毕业须提供预毕业证明,最迟在入学前取得高中毕业证书)。

Applicants should have high school degree or above. (Applicants who are still in their last year of high school should provide pre-graduation certificate for application and the official graduation certificate must be submitted before enrollment.)

3. 满足相应的语言水平要求(证书须在有效期内)

Applicants should meet the corresponding language requirements. (The language proficiency certificate must be within the validity period.)

(1) 中文授课专业 Programs Taught in Chinese


HSK 5 with scores above 180 (except Chinese Language and Literature)

(2) 英文授课专业 Programs Taught in English

雅思5.5分以上;托福IBT 80及以上

IELTS: 5.5 or above, TOEFL IBT: 80 or above

* 母语为汉语或英语者,经我校认定可免交相应语言水平证明。

* Native speakers of Chinese or English approved by Shenzhen Technology University can be exempted from providing the corresponding language proficiency certificate.

4. 符合教育部教外函【2020】12号文件规定。

All applications must comply with the document [2020] No.12 issued by the Ministry of Education of China.


The [2020] No.12 Document issued by the Ministry of Education of China is strictly followed by SZTU. Two aspects are important to note. 

First, according to Article 5 of Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China, a person with foreign nationality at birth, whose parent(s) is/are Chinese citizen(s) and has/have settled abroad, shall not hold Chinese nationality. Since 2021, the applicants who apply for studying at universities or junior colleges in China as international students, must hold valid foreign passports or other relevant nationality certifications for at least 4 years. Meanwhile, in the latest 4 years (by April 30th of the year of enrollment), the applicants must have live overseas for 2 years. (Having lived overseas for no less than 9 months can be regarded as 1 year, which is subject to the entry-exit stamp on visa.) 

Second, those who have immigrated to other countries from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan and will apply for studying at universities or junior colleges in China as international students, should also meet the first requirement.

四、费用 Fees

1. 报名费:200元人民币

Application Fee: 200 CNY

2. 学费 Tuition Fee


Liberal arts: 24,000 CNY/person/year


Science & Engineering: 28,000 CNY/person/year

五、可申请的奖学金 Available Scholarship

1. 广东省政府来粤留学生奖学金:10000元/年

Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship: 10,000 CNY per year

2. 新生奖学金:10000元

Freshman scholarship of 10,000 CNY for the first year