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Drill held to prepare for reopening amid COVID-19

Edited by:Release Time:2020/04/17

On April 16, in order to practice its epidemic prevention and control measures and enhance its capacity for emergency management, Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) carried out a drill, which included several scenarios that happened at different locations. Several departments took part in the drill to make SZTU ready for welcoming students back to campus on May 16 and 17 as planned. Vice President Xu Gang participated in the drill.


Epidemic prevention measures at the entrances [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Identity verification and temperature checks are mandatory when students enter the dormitory compound. Those with a temperature above 37.3ºC (99.14ºF) would trigger the emergency management process.


Epidemic prevention measures in the canteen [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Students with masks on, normal temperature and security pass can enter the canteen. They can stay and dine there sitting separately or pack their meals. Moreover, students must strictly keep social distancing when waiting in line.


Epidemic prevention measures in the public teaching building [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


The same mandatory checks are also required when teachers and students enter the public teaching building. Students should be separated in the classroom to avoid crowding.


Students with abnormal temperature need a double check at the entrance. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


When students pass the entrance of the teaching building, those who run a fever would be guided to a recheck point.


Emergency measures [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


If a student has suspected symptoms including shortness of breath and cough, the teacher should report as soon as possible. The suspected case should be quarantined and sent to a designated hospital immediately. Close contacts will be sent to the health observation area at the dorm compound and certain areas will be disinfected.


SZTU has reported the drill to the higher authority and striven to improve the preparation and emergency plans of the university, getting ready for the reopening in the coming weeks.



Drafted by Daisy(姚琦)/ International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office

Photo by Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office

Edited by Brian(郑斌)/ International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office