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Future Technology School

Edited by:Release Time:2023/10/19

The Future Technology School boldly explores the talent training model for the new era of socialism with the concept of “solid foundation, practice-oriented education, and innovation focus”. It integrates the cultivation of craftsman’s spirit into all aspects of its application-oriented talent training. In this way, the School intends to establish a model of training knowledge-based, skilled and innovative talents, and develop personalized and practical modular training methods. Its mission is to unite experts from different disciplines to foster students to be leading talents with the spirit of innovation and high-level scientists or engineers in research and development.


The School strives to build four high-end platforms on elite education, multidisciplinary research, industry incubation and financial capital respectively. It aims to establish a unique innovative system, which consists of five centers, namely Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Future Industry, Center for Smart Sensing System, Center for Applications of Industry Internet of Things, Center for Future Energies and Environmental Engineering Applications, and Center for Industrial Design and Innovation.


The Talent-O-Preneurship (TOP) class offered by the School aims to cultivate the first-tier talents in the new era. It focuses on fostering talents in the research and development of international advanced science and technology through the mentor training system, in which a team of high-quality professors lead students to carry out project-based and interdisciplinary study and provide them with opportunities of international exchanges.


Besides, in order to improve the high-level application-oriented talent training system, the School offers “3+2” top-up class for vocational students, which is to meet not only the higher demand for talents in industrial transformation and upgrading, but also the desire of skilled talents to enhance academic qualifications for their own growth and success. Inspired by the hands-on learning and modular teaching methodology from foreign institutions, the class enables students to finish their curriculums with practical learning throughout the entire process.