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First overseas office of SZTU officially open

Edited by:Release Time:2019/01/17

On January 16, delegates from both Regensburg city and Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) witnessed the opening ceremony of the first overseas office of SZTU. Alexander Rupprecht, managing director of Techbase, handed over a symbolic key to President of SZTU Ruan Shuangchen, which symbolized the official opening of the office.


The first overseas office of SZTU is officially open. [Photo by International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]


The office is located at Techbase, a business innovation hub sponsored by Regensburg government which aims at offering high-end workplaces for start-ups, high-tech companies and research institutions. The goal of Techbase is to enhance local economy and research outcomes. Meanwhile, the German Office of SZTU is designed to strengthen partnerships and cooperation with the German universities of applied sciences and industries, as well as to explore more programs for student and staff exchanges. More importantly, the office will serve as the hub to connect with partner universities in Germany and even in Europe, which will create development opportunities for SZTU.


The overseas office of SZTU is located at Techbase in Regensburg. [Photo by International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]


On behalf of the Regensburg government, Deputy Mayor (Economics, Financial and Research Affairs) Dieter Daminger expressed hearty welcome to the SZTU delegation and sincerely congratulated SZTU on the opening of the office. The Regensburg government greatly supports academic communication programs, Mr Daminger said at the opening ceremony. He believes that there will be more diverse and concrete cooperation between SZTU and German universities of applied sciences.


In particular, the establishment of SZTU overseas office made headlines around Regensburg. The regional media Mittelbayerische is optimistic about the active role of the office and believes that it will become a communication hub and expand cooperation between Regensburg and Shenzhen.


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Photo by International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office

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