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SZTU signs strategic cooperation framework agreement with HUA-CLOUD

Edited by:Release Time:2019/12/24

Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) held a university-enterprise cooperation meeting and officially signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Shenzhen Huayunzhongsheng Technology Co. Ltd (HUA-CLOUD) on December 23. On behalf of HUA-CLOUD, Chairman Li Xiaoyong and General Manager Gu Zheng attended the signing ceremony. Representatives from SZTU included Prof. Ruan Shuangchen, president of SZTU and Prof. Xu Gang, vice president of SZTU.


SZTU and HUA-CLOUD become strategic partners. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


SZTU President Ruan Shuangchen introduces the campus construction and planning to the guests. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


The meeting started by a warm welcome to the guests from HUA-CLOUD. SZTU President Ruan Shuangchen introduced the preparatory work and rapid development of SZTU.


SZTU President Ruan Shuangchen reviews how SZTU has developed. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Mr. Li Xiaoyong spoke highly of the rapid development and talent cultivation of SZTU and briefly introduced HUA-CLOUD at the meeting.


Mr. Li Xiaoyong hopes deep cooperation will be built between two sides. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


The cooperation agreement will better help SZTU in practical training, talent cultivation, teaching and R&D system and so on. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


After the signing ceremony, Mr. Li Xiaoyong was appointed Guest Professor by SZTU.


Prof. Ruan issues a Letter of Appointment to Mr. Li. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Tips: (The following information is from the official website of HUA-CLOUD.)

HUA-CLOUD, founded in 1998, is a high-tech enterprise providing solutions in intelligent and innovative industries. The major products include data assessment management platform, machine learning platform, AI risk control platform and so on.



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Photo by Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office

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