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Important notice on online courses in spring semester

Edited by:Release Time:2020/02/29

According to the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, SZTU online courses in the spring semester are scheduled to start on March 2, 2020. The relevant arrangements are as follows:

First stage: trial period

1. Time: March 2 - March 4, 2020

2. Specific requirements:

(1) Instructors should try out the online course platform according to the course schedules.

(2) Students should attend the online courses in accordance with the course schedules.

(3) No new lessons should be started during the trial period.

(4) Both instructors and students should be proficient in the online course platform as soon as possible.


Second stage

1. Time: 8:30 March 5, 2020

2. Specific arrangements:

(1) All online courses will be confirmed by the course secretaries and designated staff members from the Academic Affairs Department. Instructors should prepare at least four-week lessons in advance.

(2) Instructors will formulate specific requirements and assessment methods for students who attend the online courses.

(3) Instructors should provide course materials for students to download.

(4) Instructors should log in to the online course system and test the equipment 30 minutes before class.

(5) Students should log in to the online course system 10 minutes before class.

(6) Instructors should give lessons according to the course schedules and not be absent during class time.

(7) It is recommended that interactive sessions such as discussions, Q & A be included in the courses.

(8) Instructors can answer questions during the class time, but Q & A should not take up all course time.

(9) Instructors need to provide alternative solutions when the online course platform is unstable or out of service.

(10) Instructors should establish WeChat groups before the second stage, the members of which should be relevant instructors, students and assistants.


Course selection

1. Time:

First round: Finished

Second round: 13:00 March 4 - 22:00 March 10, 2020

Third round: 13:00 March 11 - 22:00 March 17, 2020

2. Website:


Arrangements for make-up exams

1. Time: Second weekend after students return to SZTU

Note: The return time for students in the spring semester is to be determined.


The detailed information in Chinese published by Academic Affairs Department can be found through the website:

Drafted by Brian(郑斌)

Edited by Brian(郑斌)