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To all members of SZTU

Edited by:Release Time:2020/03/12

More confirmed cases of new-type coronavirus (COVID-19) infections have been reported globally in recent days. China is working with the international community to effectively curb the spread of the pneumonia cases caused by COVID-19, and has made all-out efforts to prevent and control the disease.


SZTU has made great efforts and taken concrete measures to protect all members of SZTU including international students and professors from the new-type coronavirus. Led by SZTU’s senior administrators, the leading group for epidemic prevention and control has been founded to make concrete arrangements. Information outlets are ensured by releasing related notifications in a timely manner through official platforms. Relative departments and institutes are wokring hard and making great efforts to ensure a safe campus by checking body temperature, distributing face mask and hand sanitizer, providing psychological consultations, maintaining the online course platform, and disinfecting each building of SZTU every day.


In addition, students currently not in campus and outsiders are not allowed to enter SZTU. Identity verification, temperature checks and wearing masks are mandatory when staff members enter the campus. Just in case, separate health observation area equipped with necessary facilities and supplies has been set to prevent cross infection.


Finally, we would like to give you several warm tips:

1. To prevent catching the infection, you can wear masks outdoors, cover your coughs and sneeze with tissue, wash your hands frequently and properly, and exercise regularly.

2. The information and guidance from WHO regarding the current outbreak of COVID-19 can be found at:

3. You can also find the information issued by Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the diagnosis and treatment for COVID-19 at:

4. For international instructors and students who plan to come to China, the entry guidance during the epidemic can be found at:, or you can follow the WeChat official account “ShenzhenForeignAffairs深圳外事” for more relevant information.




Shenzhen Technology University

March 12, 2020



Edited by Brian(郑斌)