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Two professors invited to publish review paper in international journal

Edited by:Release Time:2020/04/27

As the corresponding authors, Prof. Ruan Shuanchen, president of Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) and Prof. Hu Junqing, dean of College of Health Science and Environmental Engineering were invited to publish a review paper titled “In situ transmission electron microscope studies on one-dimensional nanomaterials: manipulation, properties and applications” by Progress in Materials Science recently.


The review paper is published in Progress in Materials Science. [Photo/International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]


The in situ manipulation and property investigation of individual one-dimensional nanomaterials have been widely studied in recent years. This review summarized the significant developments with regard to the on-demand manipulation as well as the thermal, mechanical, and electrical property investigations of 1-D nanomaterials, and explored their applications in piezoelectric devices, lithium ion batteries and field emission devices. The full text can be found at:


The cover of Progress in Materials Science [Photo/]



Progress in Materials Science is an international review journal that publishes authoritative and critical reviews of recent advances in materials science, the latest CiteScore and impact factor of which are 28.12 and 23.725 respectively.


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