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Six international courses offered in 2022 fall

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In 2022 fall, the International Cooperation and Student Affairs Office of Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) offered six international courses, which are parts of the Economics of Engineering Course Series. Six professors and senior executives from the industry were invited as lecturers and a total of 126 students attended the online courses this semester. This series has offered 31 courses online and offline altogether with the participation of over 600 students since 2017. By taking these international courses, students can enjoy resources from top universities around the world, learn cutting-edge knowledge and enhance their critical thinking, reasoning and cross-cultural communication.

Course information [Photo/International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]

01 Course: Business Information Technology and Applications of AI

Lecturer: Prof. Stephan Jüngling, Deputy Director of the School of Business, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland



Prof. Stephan Jüngling and his class [Photo/International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]


Professor Stephan Juengling’s class is task-driven and project-oriented, which required students to select a real case of Artificial Intelligence applied in the field of education. Each team, consisting of four to six students, learned various modeling tools for developing business information systems and gave group presentations. Students can feel a sense of achievement by solving problems independently and using the knowledge they learned in class.


02 Course: Project Management

Lecturer: Prof. Pieter Jan Perrett, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland



Prof. Pieter Jan Perrett and his class [Photo/International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]


Students were required to work in groups and completed the “Feasibility of a new venture” project. They needed to write a business investment plan to convince financing institutions to provide funds for enterprises. Such a learning experience can strengthen students’ professional skills and analyzing ability and enhance their teamwork, communication and other soft power.



Students have online classes. [Photo/International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]


Prof. Perrett said the teaching experience with the SZTU students was interactive and enriching. “The course participants have been active with their teams and shown proficient communication skills, clear evidence of creativity, an openness to learn and a clear desire to work in an international context,” he said.


03 Course: Innovation Management

Lecturer: Prof. Mathias Gabrysch, Munich University of Applied Sciences



Prof. Mathias Gabrysch and his class [Photo/International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]


Prof. Mathias paid special attention to classroom interaction and students’ language abilities. He improved students’ involvement in class through online mini-programs and quizzes. Students can also be more involved through the following steps – case analysis, in-depth discussion, workshop and homework. He also considered students’ feedback and adjusted the pace of teaching and the homework load.


“I try to involve the students with group work in breakout-sessions where they have to work together in small teams for 10 minutes and then present their results to the classmates. Some teams prepared rich PowerPoint slides adding pictures to illustrate their findings,” Prof. Mathias said, who was very positively surprised by the quality of the results.


04 Course: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Lecturer: Prof. Thomas Liebetruth, Dean of the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Applied Sciences - OTH Regensburg



Prof. Thomas Liebetruth and his class [Photo/International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]


Prof. Thomas Liebetruth presented cases such as Carrefour, Ford and BMW via audio, video and other vivid ways and shared cutting-edge knowledge about supply chain, lean manufacturing, etc. He encouraged students to freely discuss open questions with bold thinking and active interaction.



Students have group discussions in Prof. Liebetruth’s class. [Photo/International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]


Prof. Liebetruth said his experience in teaching international online courses for SZTU is very positive. “Students are very interactive even in the online sessions. It is also very interesting to discuss the recent challenges in supply chains with the students of SZTU from their point of view.”


05 Course: International Management

Lecturer: Regina Roos, Vice President of Typhoon-HIL Pty


Regina Roos and her class [Photo/International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]

Regina Roos has wide work experience, serving as a senior executive at Schneider Electric and ABB before. Except for sharing professional knowledge, she preferred to inspire students to find “a reason for being”. She encouraged students to share their views and students who struggle to freely express themselves in English can also be heard and enjoy communication.

“It is good to see how they select the companies for the different case studies and connect this with their own experience,” said Regina Roos. “I am very positively impressed about the willingness to join the discussion rounds.”


The HR Manager of Schneider is invited to Regina’s class. [Photo/International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]

She also invited the HR Manager of Schneider to give an online lecture to students, sharing the requirements and expectations of graduates from Schneider.


06 Course: International Business Management

Lecturer: Ludwig S. Sahesch-pur, CEO of Airpur Drones


Ludwig S. Sahesch-pur and her class [Photo/International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]

Ludwig S. Sahesch-pur invited several industry experts from General Electric, Hitachi Energy Switzerland, Kroneseder and other World Top 500 Companies to share their leadership and management experience.


Ludwig and Regina have class together. [Photo/International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office]

Ludwig also explored a new teaching model, giving lectures with Regina Roos. Students were enlightened and got special learning experiences through seminars and exchanges.

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