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Emergency response drill held to defend network and information security

Edited by:Release Time:2020/09/27

Organized by the Information Center of Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) and guided by the Pingshan District Public Security Sub-Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, the 2020 Network and Information Security Emergency Response Drill was successfully held on campus on September 23. With the purpose of enhancing the emergency response capability and mechanism for the university’s network and information security, the drill was participated by the SZTU Information Work Leading Group led by Prof. Zhang Yanhong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, and Prof. Xu Gang, vice president of SZTU, as well as heads of the Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office, Youth League Committee, International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office and Information Center of SZTU. Zhai Xiangdong, deputy director of the Pingshan District Public Security Sub-Bureau, and Liang Yuming, deputy director of the Network and Information Security Management Center of the CPC Pingshan District Committee Publicity Office, also attended the drill as special guests.


SZTU Network and Information Security Emergency Response Drill [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


The drill was set in the simulated emergency that the portal of SZTU Information Center was hacked and tampered with, and there was an emergency commander to direct and conclude the entire drill. Once any abnormal condition of the portal was detected, the monitoring personnel would quickly verify and report it to the emergency response team, which would then immediately handle the incident while reporting to its leading group. After an emergency assessment by the leading group, corresponding emergency plans would be activated with the incident graded and an emergency command set up at the same time. The response team would be required to report to the emergency command after settling the network security incident.


Following clear procedure, proper commands and orderly measures, the participants worked in clear division and close collaboration and contributed to expected results of this drill. It will help raise network security awareness of the SZTU faculty and students, promote the implementation of the information security management systems, and improve the technical skills of emergency response personnel.




Drafted by Olivia(赖丽伟)/ International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office

Edited by International Cooperation & Student Affairs Office