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SZTU researchers' project experimented aboard space station

Edited by:Release Time:2021/07/12

China launched its Shenzhou-12 spaceship, sending three astronauts to the permanent space station core module Tianhe on June 17. Some scientific projects have been carried out aboard the space station, one of which is from Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU). A series of space scientific experiments have been conducted in kinetics, release rate and efficiency of sustained release, stability of sustained-release formulation, etc.

The project “Study on the effect of the space microgravity environment on sustained-release performance” is led by Professor Hu Junqing and Associate Professor He Shuqing from College of Health Science and Environmental Engineering and is cooperated with Shenzhou Biology &Technology Co., Ltd. which is invested by China Academy of Space Technology.

Experiment sample [Photo/College of Health Science and Environmental Engineering]

The sustained-release formulation refers to a formulation that slowly and continuously releases the drug after the administration for a prolonged period. Such formulations are safer with reduced frequency and increased routes of drug administration, steady blood drug concentration, smaller side effects and longer duration of action. Sustained-release drugs can be released at a constant rate based on the mechanism of osmotic pressure. The project conducted by SZTU researchers takes advantage of the space station as an ideal research platform because microgravity will change many phenomena in physics and life sciences, and high-energy radiation can help scientists test and better understand certain materials. SZTU researchers hope that the experiment can be of great clinical value for the development of sustained-release drugs suitable for astronauts and space travelers.

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