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SZTU embraces colorful artistic, sports activities

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In order to promote well-rounded education and provide a stage for SZTUers to show their talents, Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) has held a variety of cultural, artistic and sports activities. There were two major on-campus activities held at the end of 2021.


2021 SZTU Comprehensive Sports Games

From December 7 to December 8, the 2021 SZTU Comprehensive Sports Games was held at its new gymnasium and sports field. The games consisted of 14 track and field events as well as orienteering races. There were 577 students and 357 faculty members participating in the games this year, and the number of participants in track and field events is twice that of last year.


Opening ceremony of the 2021 SZTU Comprehensive Sports Games [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


The opening ceremony was attended by Prof. Zhang Jihong, secretary of the Party Committee of SZTU, Prof. Ruan Shuangchen, president of SZTU, and Prof. Xu Gang, vice president of SZTU, as well as heads of all colleges and departments. Prof. Zhang Yanhong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of SZTU, hosted the ceremony.


Prof. Ruan Shuangchen addresses the sports games. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


At the opening ceremony, a variety of dance and vocal performances are given by students from SZTU Street Dance Club and College of Health Science and Environmental Engineering, as well as teachers from SZTU Art Center. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


The sports games kick off with the school leaders leading all participants to jog around the campus. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


After the opening ceremony, exciting matches among the faculty teams and student teams were carried on respectively.


Track events [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Field events [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Orienteering races [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


The results were announced at the closing ceremony. For student teams, the College of Urban Transportation and Logistics won the first place with the highest accumulated points. As for faculty teams, the eighth joint team achieved the first prize.


Award-winning teams [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Students from College of New Materials and New Energies, School of Foreign Languages and Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing bring wonderful performances at the closing ceremony. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


SZTU 2022 New Year Eve Gala

On December 30, SZTU 2022 New Year Eve Gala was held at its auditorium. The gala presented 11 diversified performances, including instrumental ensemble, dance, vocal music, recitation performance and Chinese calligraphy creation, face changing in Sichuan Opera, and martial arts. Prof. Ruan Shuangchen and Prof. Zhang Yanhong, together with teacher and student representatives, enjoyed the wonderful show.


Performers and guests of SZTU 2022 New Year Eve Gala [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Co-hosted by SZTU Youth League Committee and SZTU Art Center, the gala gave full play to the artistic talents of SZTUers and provided an audio-visual feast for the audience, which showcased the splendid Chinese traditional culture, as well as the difference and integration of Chinese and western culture.


The show kicks off with an instrumental ensemble performed by Shenzhen City Philharmonic Orchestra and SZTU Band. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Dances performed by SZTU Street Dance Club and SZTU Art and Dance Troupe [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Chinese Folk Music Ensemble and Saxophone Ensemble performed by students [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Face-changing Artist Liu Bingqing is invited to perform Face Changing in Sichuan Opera. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Four professors of SZTU sing an inspiring song accompanied with Chinese kung fu performed by SZTU Martial Arts Association. [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Recitation performance and Chinese calligraphy creation by a branch of SZTU Youth League [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


Solo, medley and choir performed by SZTU students and teachers [Photo/Party Affairs Committee Publicity Office]


With the colorful memories on campus of 2021, SZTUers will keep chasing dreams and forging ahead in the year of 2022.




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